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Our History

Previously INSHS Conventions:

 Szombathely, Hungary (2005) Magdeburg, Germany (2006), in Ljubljana, Slowenia (2007), in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria (2008), in Cardiff, Wales (2009), Telemark, Norway (2010), Tartu, Estonia (2011) and Zagreb/Opatija, Croatia (2012), Volos, Greece (2013), Alicante, Spain (2014), Alexandria, Egypt (2015, canceled)., Brno (2016), Nancy, France (2017), Calpe (2018), Las Palmas, Spain (2019). Budapest, Hungary (2020) – 1st Video-conference, St. Petersburg (2021).

Encouraging Collaboration

Together easier

Providing News and Information

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Support International Researches

Participation in international projects

Promote University Sport

We go for sustainability

Going Global

What does it mean “networking”? It means thematic collaboration/cooperation between partners. It means saving money and time and also easy communication. Advantages of network member institutions are among others: no obligations, no bureaucratic administration, no participation fee, free choice for being involved in projects. International Network in Sport and Health Science (INSHS) is a perfect example for a good functioning higher education thematic network

Formal Partnership

INSHS operates like a catalisator to enable academic partnerships in areas that are shared by different HEi’s members of the network. These areas are: e.g common degrees, curriculum development – BSc, MSc, PhD; grants, staff and student mobility, publications, events (workshops/seminars, intensive programs conferences, other scientific events); university sport eventse.g camps (skiing, water, tourism )

Sharing Information

Sharing information, news on INSHS digital platform. Our virtual events create great opportunity for networking!

Student Exchange Program

Support and promotion of student exchange programmes and university sport events, projects.

Our Partners